The Purple-Bellied Parrot

Blue-bellied Parrot
An account of His life, times, adventures and misadventures, introducing sundry Characters, both Nefarious and Uproarious
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‘The book you’ve been looking for all your life’
‘A cross between a nature documentary and
an Ealing Comedy’
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Parental Advisory: Contains occasional mild imprecations like a*s* and bo***cks.
*Badhbh: Mythical Irish bird which creates fear and confusion amongst its enemies.
Pronounced: Badub

“ Most folks can do most things if they’ve a mind.
You just have to fight the Badhbh* between your ears and the dangle-jawed bum scratchers ”
Book cover
Cover by Robin Vuchnich
Ever feel you are living the wrong life?
Ever feel another life, your should-be life,
is out there waiting for you, if only
you had the courage to …
Have you answered yes to
those questions?

Then follow the Purple-Bellied Parrot
on a rip-roaring, globe-spanning adventure
packed with unforgettable characters.
His quest to live his should-be life.
It Begins: In the sterile apartment of a city executive with unruly nasal hair where the Purple-Bellied Parrot cannot even do the very thing he was born to do.
It Ends: On the shores of a distant land after an epic journey which tests his courage, his ingenuity and
the bonds of friendship — to the limit.
The Purple-Bellied Parrot: a spell-binding, life-affirming tale, with the power to evoke laughter and tears from readers 11-100 years old.
‘Strap yersel in. This’ll pure clear the clooters oot your bahookey flaps!’ Shug

Praise for The Purple-Bellied Parrot
From Psittascene, the magazine of the World Parrot Trust:
A moving, spellbinding and witty story which will stay with you for a long time’

From book bloggers:
‘The book you’ve been looking all your life’ Varietats
‘A fabulous tale of friendship, love and adventure’ Twist and Turn
‘You can’t help but laugh and cry while reading this book … perfect for reading aloud to all the family’ Relentlessly Purple
‘Brilliant, funny, moving and thought provoking, one to rival Jonathan Livingstone Seagull’ Bookwormery

From confirmed purchasers:
‘Fantastic … it is rich, vivid, visionary, hilarious, dark and joyful.’
‘A beautiful, moving and funny book ... a story about the countless acts of love and encouragement from friends and strangers ... In this cynical world, that’s a treasure.’
‘A wonderful adventure. Fantastic characters.’
‘Best I can say is buy it and read it, read it with your kids, your grandkids, your grandma and grandpa ... a book about friendship, fortitude and finding a way home.’
‘I loved it and I did laugh out loud and I did cry!’
    and —
‘A subtle yet poignant insight into the human condition, astutely observed from the viewpoint of a load of talking animals ... What is going off?’ - Mrs Lush, William Fagus’s cleaning lady.

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Blue-bellied Parrot